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Let's Get Physical: November 2017 Issue

Let's get physical allied health blog

In Case You Missed It: National Allied Health Week

There are seven million allied health professionals, representing almost 60 percent of all healthcare providers. Lucky for you, the demand for your services is growing nearly double the rate of the national economy. The care you provide is invaluable, which is why you deserve an entire week to celebrate your work. The first full week of November was National Allied Health Week, but people appreciate your life-changing services every day of the year.

5 Best Software Tools for Speech Therapists

Patient adherence is a huge hurdle for speech therapists, especially when it comes to patients who need extra practice between sessions. That’s one of the reasons why telemedicine is on the rise. These software tools enable speech therapists to help patients anytime, anywhere. Here are the five best telemedicine applications.

The Pain-O-Meter and Combating the Opioid Crisis

Pain is an arguably subjective state, so can it be measured objectively? The National Institutes of Health believes it’s worth a try. It’s about to open proposals for $4 million in small business grants to develop a “pain-o-meter.” This tool can take any form—whether it be a blood test, a facial interpretation software or pupilometer. Whatever this pain-o-meter becomes, it could have huge implications for physical therapists.

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