Work Somewhere that Matters to You

Recently our CEO shared with ICON the successes in accomplishing a workday. Everyone has those tasks that they aren’t fond of day-to-day, whether that be checking the never-ending email inbox or staying late to finalize that sprung-upon-you-last minute project due now.  But these tasks are all part of the job and any job for that matter. 

 So how do you know that the tasks you are accomplishing today mean anything tomorrow?

You have to see where the potential is in your current job.

Are you in a position that is preparing you for your next step in your career? Are you with a company that values your development and wants and encourages you to succeed? Do you see a direct path to your ultimate dream in life?

All three of these questions should be answered with a “yes” and if they aren’t, you’re not in the right position or with the right company. Everyone should have a dream or goal they are trying to reach. This could be retiring early, buying a house, or working part-time on an island from home in Fiji. Whatever that dream may be, make sure your career is getting you there.

Because life is short, so work somewhere that matters to you and your development.