What is a Work-Life Balance?

There is a heavy emphasis in today’s work environment to find the perfect work-life balance.  But that can be hard to really define and implies a need for a balance between bad and good. What if there was a position where that statement didn’t need to exist because the work you did was something that meant more to you than a means to pay the bills? What if you worked for a company that at 5 pm, you didn’t feel finally “free?”

Jennifer Dulski, President and COO at change.org, wrote a post for LinkedIn that had the daring title Work-Life Balance is Bull. Dulski speaks truth to the fact that the word “balance” suggests that your life has to be separated from work and vice versa. But to be truly happy means to do what you love. That is why finding a job that promotes both equally the ability to do what you love while at work and not see a huge difference in your life after 5 pm is so important for true happiness.

We believe that this type of balance or lifestyle is possible with the right match to the right company or team member. Dulski puts it best, “It’s time to stop worrying about the perfect balance, and instead focus on being with people we love, and doing work that matters.”

What do you value most in your life and career?