Top mHealth Apps as rated by Doctors

Top mHealth Apps as Rated by Doctors

Increasingly, we are all living in a mobile world, where most of our actions are carried out from our fingertips via our smartphones. As the world continues to become more health-conscious, consumers are taking advantage of smartphones to manage and improve their own health.

The mobile health (mHealth) market, the use of mobile information and communication technologies is expected to grow by 34-percent in 2016. There are more than 100,000 mHealth applications available to the general public with little regulation. Federal officials are working on guidelines that would ensure clinical apps are properly regulated but the vast majority of consumer-facing apps on the market now won’t fall under those guidelines.

HealthTap, surveyed more than 65,000 physicians in its network and another 500,000 in it referral network to find their recommendations on a wide variety of health and wellness apps. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company then broke the recommendations down into roughly 30 lists on more specific categories, like running and diabetes care.

Need a second opinion on what apps are the best?

The goal according to HealthTap is to give clinicians and consumers a guide to choosing apps that have been approved by doctors, rather than resorting to the user ratings found in app stores.

“We’ve received a significant amount of feedback from our users, telling us that they’re confused by the deluge of app choices available to them,” said HealthTap founder and CEO Ron Gutman. “Doctors too told us they’d like to learn which apps their peers recommended. In response to these requests, we decided to bring together the best doctors in the U.S. from our network to help organize and identify the best apps available today to both consumers and doctors.”

The apps are judged on three criteria: medical soundness of the app, the app’s utility (in supporting health or healthy living goals), and the app’s usability.

The top-rated overall apps contain some familiar names, such as Weight Watchers, the American Red Cross, MyFitnessPal and FitnessKeeper; as well as White Noise Lite, a sleeping app developed in 2008 by TMSoft that consistently ranks at or near the top on the iTunes list; and Instant Heart Rate and Glucose Buddy, two apps developed by Azumio, a Palo Alto-based mHealth company that’s well-known in the industry.

Top 10 Health and Medical Apps for Android

  1. Weight Watchers Mobile (Weight Watchers International)
  2. White Noise Light (TMSoft)
  3. Lose It! (FitNow)
  4. First Aid (American Red Cross)
  5. RunKeeper GPS Track Run Walk (FitnessKeeper)
  1. Emergency First Aid/Treatment (Phoneflips)
  2. Instant Heart Rate (Azumio)
  3. Fooducate – Healthy Food Diet (Fooducate)
  4. Glucose Buddy – Diabetes Log (Azumio)
  5. Pocket First Aid & CPR (Jive Media)

Top 10 Health and Medical Apps for iOS

  1. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker (
  2. Weight Watchers Mobile (Weight Watchers International)
  3. Lose It! (FitNow)
  4. White Noise Lite (TMSoft)
  5. First Aid (American Red Cross)
  6. Runkeeper (FitnessKeeper)
  7. Stroke Riskometer (Autel)
  8. Emergency First Aid & Treatment Guide (Phoneflips)
  9. Instant Heart Rate (Azumio)
  10. Fooducate (Foducate)

For more information visit the HealthTap website.