Top 7 Must See Places for Locum Tenens This Spring

Spring brings new life and some much needed sunshine and what better way to start this season than with a Locum Tenens assignment in one of the top must see beautiful cities in the United States. For the fourth year now, travel experts with The Huffington Post tour around the United States and discover the best places to visit in the next year. A lot of their decisions are based on new or timely angles that are prime for visiting in 2014.

And the best part of all – we have positions available near the locations listed below for Locum Tenens Physicians, NPs and PAs! Now your weekend getaways just got that much better.

Enjoy the list below and contact an ICON Concierge on where you’d like to take your next adventure.

Happy traveling!

1. Grand Rapids & Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast

Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan's Gold Coast

Being the second largest city in the United States, Grand Rapids has a lot to offer. This city was voted best beer city in the country in both 2012 and 2013 with over 25 craft breweries throughout the area. It also is located just a half an hour from Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast, which has shores that some say rival Hawaii and Southern California.

2. Boston, MA

Boston, MA

This land is perfect for the ultimate sports fan. With the 100th US Figure Skating Competitions just wrapping up here in January, the next big event will be this spring with the Boston Marathon where over 36,000 runners will be staying strong for what this city has gone through in 2013.  And closely after is the most beautiful time of the year where the summer holds festivals, outdoor patio restaurants, and arts and entertainment events.

3. Central Coast, CA

Central Coast, CA

This coastal area is definitely an underrated hidden gem. Most people don’t stop to think what lies between the coast of San Francisco and Los Angeles, but its an endless stretch of the most beautiful, iconic coastal roadways. It’s a place to discover hidden coves and enjoy cliff-top viewpoints.

4. Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, MO

Everything you ever needed within walking distance – that is what Kansas City gives you. With its tightknit neighborhoods full of jazz music, blues scene, restaurants, and beautiful fountains galore this lively city has endless friendly, never dull moments.

5. Cumberland Island, GA

Cumberland Island, GA

This magical, untouched land is definitely for the explorer with 18 miles of sandy beaches and windswept dunes. Cumberland is the perfect weekend getaway to just be in the blissful peace of the ocean.

6. Las Vegas

Fremont District Las Vegas

Besides the obvious of exploring the Strip, this year Las Vegas has more to offer for a different crowd. Fremont East and the Arts District are flourishing as the new artsy hub with new restaurants, bars, cafes and galleries.

7.  Sun Valley, ID

Sun Valley, ID

An alternative to a less crowded Colorado resort area with more camping, hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, skiing, golfing, cultural events and great food than any adventurer could handle.  It’s the true perfect getaway with all seasons coming at you in full force.

What are some of your favorite places you’ve traveled to while working as a Locum Tenens?