Top 3 Reasons Professionals Become ICONS

We might be new to you or maybe (if we are doing our job right) you’ve heard about us. And from knowing right off the bat that we are a Healthcare recruiting company, you might just place us on the backburner with the others – BUT we want you to know more: We aren’t like any other staffing agency out there. And just in case you’ve heard that one before, we can prove it.

Our top three reasons why doctors and hospitals come back to our services:

1. Single Point of Contact

No more dealing with Bob, Joey, Sarah, Megan, that one HR person, or that one account executive. Here at ICON you have a professional, personal relationship with ONE ICON Concierge so that there is no confusion and your specific needs can be met every single time.

2. Fully Automated Process

We are always looking for ways to improve our business in order to save our client’s money and time. One way we capitalized on this goal is by partnering up with Innovative Employee Solutions to fully automate and streamline the entire recruitment, placement, onboarding and pay roll process for all permanent contract, interim and temporary team members. In other words, we’ve reduced the overhead it takes to bring you the best possible customer service and staffing solutions, which results in a 33% savings overall.

3. No “Hire and Done”

We understand that your needs change throughout the year or even in months. So when we find you a new provider that fits or find you a position that you love, we keep following up to make sure that it’s still the same or if a change needs to happen. We will always be looking for ways to improve your business and team up with you to achieve your mission of providing the highest quality care in the deserving communities you serve in.

Not convinced?

Check out more about who we are in our videos below and also our Provider testimonials and Facility testimonials.

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