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You don't have to search for your new position and prepare for the interview alone. These tools and tips combined with a career coach can assist with any hurdle you may come across in your search for a new career.

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Resume Advice

Here are a few things you can do before meeting with a career coach at ICON:

Ask yourself: What experience, skills, aptitudes, or traits do you have, or think you might have, that could add value for your employer?

Responsibilities /Activities

  • How many people did you supervise? Orient? Hire? Train?
  • How large of a budget did you manage?
  • Did you coordinate anything?
  • Any concrete or specific results from the gains you achieved?


  • Were you praised, recognized, or given a pat on the back for anything — a particular assignment, a method of working, a trait of character? How? By whom?
  • Were you promoted ahead of schedule?
  • Selected for any special responsibilities or programs?

If you have any questions or would like additional help preparing your resume contact an ICON Career Coach today.

Interviewing Tips

Although we are here to help prepare you for your interview, here are a few things we like to point out to jobseekers:

90% of hires are based solely upon the interview according to a Harvard Business Review study. In fact, 63% of hiring decisions are made within the first 4.3 minutes of an interview (courtesy SHRM). So, the interview is probably the most important part of the hiring process.

Things to Remember

  • People have to buy you before they buy from you.
  • People hire and accept emotionally first and justify logically later.
  • People are most sold by your conviction rather than by your persuasion.
  • Understand the “benefit” that you bring to the table, not the “features.”
  • The decision to hire is made in the first 5 to 10 minutes of the interview, with the remaining time spent justifying that decision.

Candidate Preparation

Please take these notes to the interview and practice the anticipated questions that may be asked and your answers to those questions.

From your perspective, what would make someone successful in the position? This is an excellent icebreaker question for the hiring authority and a great start to a successful interview. What percentage of my job is dedicated to administration, supervisory, and technical?

  • What is my number one priority that has to be done before I leave each day? Why?
  • What are some of the goals for the department, 6 months, 12 months? What obstacles could prevent me from reaching my goals?
  • What are the short and long term goals set for the person in this position?
  • Have questions for the hiring authority. Questions must be written out before the interview, while avoiding the topic of compensation and benefits for the first interview.
  • Salary - this is a trap question. If the question is brought up a very good response is "I open to your best offer" OR "I am currently making $_____. Although I would like an increase, I don't know enough about the opportunity to answer that fairly"). Be very careful that you don't short change yourself. Be sure to keep in mind your base salary, bonus program, stock options, gain sharing programs, performance bonuses, benefits, etc.
  • Ask for the job! "I haven't interviewed in a while, what is the next step?” “ Do you see me fitting into the team?” Summarize what you've done that ties in with the new position and ask, "Do I have the qualifications you're looking for?" then remain silent for an answer. If the hiring authority says, "I'm looking at other people," you say, "How do my qualifications match the people you're considering." Your #1 priority is to receive an offer, if this is a position that you desire, your #2 priority is to know the next step.
  • ALWAYS SEND A FOLLOW-UP LETTER. Whether it be an email or snail mail, let the interviewer know you appreciate his or her time.

After you leave the interview, it is very important that you call us immediately!


Through our affiliate partners, ICON Medical Network provides comprehensive logistics and coordination assistance that can make the relocation, Housing and Travel aspect of your new hire easy and efficient.

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