Tips and Tricks for Traveling as a Locum Tenens

We work in the Locum Tenens industry, which means we are constantly involved in airfare prices, apartment hunting, suitcase packing, direction finding, new car familiarizing, and charging problem solving. Once you’ve been on a few Locum Tenens assignments, you start to get the hang of the travel checklist you religiously follow. We decided to put together some of our favorite tips and tricks on traveling for work and some things to keep in mind.

Bedtime routine and morning routine in one bag.

There is nothing worse than forgetting a charger for your phone/kindle/laptop or even your toothbrush after a flight in late to a destination with no stores near by. A great tip for when you pack is use a small bag that has your night routine (face wash, tooth brush and paste, etc.), a morning routine bag (deodorant, vitamins, makeup, etc.) and an electronics bag (chargers, bluetooth headset, etc.). Having these mini bags packed will ensure your readiness for a natural day and confidence on a new assignment.

Scan and save important documents.

Incase of the terrible event that you lose your bag or misplace something important, scan all important documents and keep them saved in an email so you are able to access them at any time (with internet of course).

Bedside manner everywhere.

The easiest, most stress free way to travel is with a smile. Airport security, airline stewards, and hotel greeters have dealt with their fair amount of negative customers. When a glimpse of joy is presented, they too make sure your day goes by a little smoother for providing them with an easy interaction.

Complimentary is mandatory. 

Take advantage of all the complimentary goodies provided on a Locum Tenens assignment. From the free hotel breakfast to complimentary rides to nearby restaurants. Anything offered is an opportunity to see a new site or even experience a new culture.

Stay in the middle.

If you are prone to motion sickness, try booking a seat near the wings of the airplane – Less turbulence means a smoother, relaxing ride!

The art of the carry-on.

If you can manage a smaller bag, carry-ons are always easier to handle when flying and guarantee no lost bags. The best way to achieve this is through rolling your clothes – this saves a ton of room! Also if you stick dryer sheets at the bottom of your bag, it ensures your white coat/scrubs/clothes to all stay nice and fresh.

Do you have any travel tips to add to the list?