The Smart Watch Race Continues

There is a marathon occurring in the tech industry with who can produce the best smart watch. With the fitness trackers thrown into that category and some that act as a computer on your wrist, everyone is asking whether Apple’s iWatch will compare.

The best way to predict the capabilities of the iWatch is to look at what is out there now and see how they will differentiate their product.

Here are the products that are out their now and we will let you be the judge of what new advancements and features will need to be added in this next wave of racers.

Android Wear

Google introduces their competitor in this ever-changing smart wear war with Android Wear, “information that moves with you.” Google is partnering up with HTC, LG, Samsung and others to make a smartphone that you no longer have to hold but you can wear.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

A computer, tablet, phone and fitness tracker all on your wrist, the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is your alternative to your large screen phone for easy access to checking the small things.

Nike Fuel Band SE

Dubbed as “motivation on your wrist” this fitness tracker is designed to keep you accountable on your goals and keep you moving every hour. This band will give you extra Fuel points for the effort put in and allows you to take advantage of the Nike App and other tools that now link up to this band.

Fitbit Flex

With a national recall on Fitbit’s most popular band, the Fitbit Force, the Flex is their older model until they fix the recall issue. The Flex tracks sleep, distance, calories and active minutes and has an LED light that shows your progress and whether or not you’ve reached your goal yet.

Jawbone UP24

Just like the above options, the Jawbone UP24 tracks sleep, movement and eating habits, but it is all done through its app. There is no external face on this band, which makes it the slimmest and sleekest option.


This a smart watch specifically for kids ages 5 to 11 depending when you want your child to have a smartphone. Yes, someone finally created an alternative to keeping track of your kids than handing them over an iPhone right away.

What advancement would need to be added in order for you to purchase wearable technology? Or do you own one of the above and if so, what’s your review?