The Most Honest, Funny and Bold Resume You’ll Ever See

The Most Honest, Funny and Bold Resume You’ll Ever See

There’s no shortage of advice out there on how to craft the perfect resume that ends up being your bold shining beacon of light hoping to catch the eye of the hiring manager. Be creative, but not too much, don’t embellish your accomplishments but list your expertise, use powerful verbs, be descriptive and the list goes on.

Others may take a bolder yet riskier approach.

Mark Bazar, creator of The Interview Show, shared on LinkedIn Pulse probably the most honest and bold resume we’ve ever come across. Here’s what Bazar had to say about the application from Theodore S. Rice that landed on his desk. “Its honesty and directness were a breath of fresh air. In other words, it gets it right.”

It starts out like your average resume with the candidates name and contact information at the top. But it doesn’t take long to realize once you start reading, this resume is unique. For example, the summary reads, “Held multiple sales positions doing more or less the same thing at incrementally larger rates of pay while incurring nearly $2,000 in retirement account and inexplicably always signing up for vision insurance.”

One bullet says, “Develop proprietary method for eating food at desk while staring off into the distance (2 meals a day).” Although it looks like his supervisor at the Kassakian Bros might not be his strongest reference judging from this summary, “Don’t remember, as was a long time ago during period of heavy marijuana usage.”

Rice, who is unarguably hilarious, based on this read, is in sales and looking for his next role. We also learn, through the first job heading, that he’s a father who sends “one late-night email to his boss” per week and complains about his job.

While it remains to be seen whether or not this bold resume is enough to get him an interview, it certainly is one thing: memorable. It just might be the most honest, funny, and bold resume you’ll ever see. You can read the full resume here.