Technology to Change the In-Store Experience

With technology leading the way for the new retail in-store experience, many companies are figuring out what it takes to not fall short in this trend. Apple started something when they introduced iBeacon, which is an indoor positioning system, that tracks mobile devices in a specific area. With this new means of tracking people in stores, it brings forth a new way of interacting with consumers during their shopping experience.

Other technology companies are seeing the importance of this and are emerging with new products to enhance the in-store experience and help drive profits for brick-and-mortar stores. One such technology is Euclid Analytics, which “allows retailers to analyze shopping patterns anywhere from foot traffic to ideal placement of product displays.”

This new technology also brings up the security and privacy issues for consumers being tracked. During a test trial for these types of software, some shoppers felt that the idea of being tracked through their phones was “way over the line.”

All in all, the idea of bettering the in-store experience and presenting a much-needed makeover to the way we shop is a definite step in the right direction.

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What creative technologies would you like to see during your shopping experience? Or as a Retail professional, what types of technologies are you hoping to take advantage of?