Tech World Recap

Yet another week full of acquisitions and new discoveries – check out what you missed this past week in the world of Technology.

Visualizations of Continuous Delivery

A QA engineer at Spotify, created awesome visuals while reading Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation. They’re so good, you’re going to want to print them out and frame them on your wall.

When Google Almost Went Bankrupt

This video walks through the humble beginnings of Google and the process that took them from college dorm room discoverers to one of the most iconic companies known around the world.

Netflix Engineers hack Fitbit to track when you fall asleep during movies and tv

During one of Netflix’s internal hack day competitions, one engineering team used a wearable technology activity tracker to determine when someone fell asleep while watching a movie or a TV show on Netflix.

Mark Zuckerberg has learned what Steve Jobs knew: You need to disrupt yourself before your competitors do

With a recent massive $19 billion acquisition for Facebook, many are wondering Mark Zuckerberg’s motives, but maybe he sees something we don’t.

Visualizing 15 Years of Acquisitions

Apple, Google, Yahoo, Amazon and Facebook have been on a similar rampage in taking on some newbies to expand their companies and outgrow competition. This article breaks down size, frequency and focus of the past 15 years of acquisitions among these companies.