Study Shows Speed of Delivery Impacts Shopping Decisions

Study Shows Speed of Delivery Impacts Shopping Decisions

A reason why consumers may be abandoning their shopping carts: delivery speed.

According to a new survey of 650 U.S. consumers from same-day delivery provider Dropoff, 60% of respondents reported they have decided not to purchase from a retailer due to slow delivery speed. Almost all consumers (97%) said speed is at least somewhat important in determining whether or not they will purchase a product. Meanwhile, 40% said it was very important.

Consumer expectations of delivery performance are also increasing. While the median expectation for retail delivery is 2 days, 1% of respondents said they expect it to be same day, 40% said they want to. Forty-six percent said they expect companies to deliver faster than they did a year ago.

Additional findings include:

  • Respondents also reported that faster delivery times, like free shipping, make them more loyal and less likely to shop around.
  • 77% said receiving free shipping made them more likely to purchase from that retailer again
  • 1 in 3 said it made them irritated when a different company would charge for shipping
  • 40% said it made them expect free shipping from others.
  • Those experiencing fast shipping report similar loyalties.

What are retailer’s capabilities of meeting the ever growing same-day shipping needs of consumers? According to Temando’s 2016 State of Shipping in Commerce report, there’s still a long way to go for many retailers. The survey highlights the needs for retailers to adapt to changing customer expectations by offering a range of shipping options at the point of sale.