Sorry, Orange, Black is the New Black

Sorry, Orange, Black is the New Black

Shoppers spend slightly more time visiting a retail site via their desktop or laptop device in Q1 of this year compared to a year prior, according to research. Overall, the average retail e-commerce site visit duration worldwide increased slightly from 8.8 minutes in Q1 2015 to 9.4 minutes in Q1 2016 when shoppers were accessing it via their desktop or laptop devices.

Data from Demandware, a cloud based e-commerce software technology company, released its Demandware Shopping Index which measure digital commerce growth based on an analysis of the shopping activity of more than 400 million shoppers worldwide. This index considers shopper frequency, conversion, average order values and net change in shoppers.

Here are three takeaways:

Mobile is King

  • For the fourth straight quarter, mobile phones drove more than 90% of website visit growth and drove the most traffic of any device.
  • Mobile shopping intent is quickly rising. 70% more baskets created on phones led to a 20% rise in total baskets.
  • Demandware projects that shoppers will place more orders on phones than any other device by end of 2017.

Web Growth Continues

  • While mobile soars, global digital commerce continues its very healthy growth, 17% year after year.

Sorry, Orange, Black is the New Black

  • While site search usage has been flat over the past year, Demandware found those that do search are digging deeper and with more precision.
  • The use of color is one indicator and is up year over year with Black being the most frequently searched color at 27%.
  • Searches that include color convert 22% more often than those that don’t.

To read the full Shopping Index here.