Skype: The New Face-To-Face Interview

More and more, hiring managers are using Skype instead of bringing in the candidate for an in person interview. A lot of times this is more convenient for the hiring manager and allows them to “see you” before they make that final decision of bringing you onto their team. This type of interview can seem less stressful because you’re not physically in front of a panel of people, but because of that, it can also be one of the most challenging interviews to get your personality across.

With this becoming more of a norm for interview methods, a lot of trial and error has happened creating a massive list of what not to do and what to be aware of during these interviews. Forbes posted an article with seven tips to check off before your Skype interview with some key points being to prepare your surroundings, stay present and address technical problems immediately.

Another article shared the importance of looking into the camera and not at your screen to really connect with your interviewee. The simplest rule, but most important, is to smile. The only thing these interviewees see is your face and the only positive expression you can present them is your smile, which will help portray your personality and passion for the position much clearer.

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Have you ever done a Skype interview? If so, comment with your experience and any tips you might have for first timers.