Seek Knowledge? Listen to Business Podcasts.

Seek Knowledge? Listen to Business Podcasts

One of the common traits of highly successful people like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, is reading extensively. Devouring and seeking knowledge for personal and professional growth.

But who has the time? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.  

Here’s a list of podcasts for business-minded peeps who are looking for more ways to thrive.

The James Altucher Show

James Altucher is an entrepreneur, former hedge fund manager, venture capitalist and author of 11 books. In his weekly podcast, Altucher interviews a wide range of fascinating thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs, from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.  His curiosity draws out the secrets to their successes.  

2 Dope Boys & a Podcast

Hosted by political and cultural analyst Michael Brooks and marketing/entrepreneur Philip McKenzie, a twice weekly trends and cultural insight podcast that examines what’s happening and why in the worlds of culture, business, technology, fashion and sports. From analyzing so-called “brand eff-ups” to exploring yet-to-be-mainstream trends, it’s indispensable source for insight and instigation for creative professionals and anyone keenly interested in what’s shaping our world.

The Lively Show

One of the hottest podcast out there with over 4 million downloads the main theme of Jess Lively’s work is to live and work with intention. By living from these value-based intentions we can access the peace, joy, and fulfillment within ourselves. Lively interviews other successful women about everything from personal finance to relationships to careers while tapping into their life journey.

The Faster than Normal Podcast

A small glimpse into the world of someone with ADD or ADHD host Peter Shankman, who’s been diagnosed with the condition himself, uses it as a gift not a curse. Shankman has made a successful career as an entrepreneur, investor and author by transforming his supposed disability into an advantage. On his show, he discusses life hacks, tips and tricks with celebrities, sports figures and other successful people who have ADD or ADHD, or whose brains he simply thinks are “faster than normal.” It’s a good listen for anyone who’s looking for strategies to work more creatively.

Ctrl Alt Delete

A fun and fresh take on the age of the internet and social media; host Emma Gannon has conversations with women about life in this digital world. Based in the UK, the podcasts is an extension of her book by the same name, which talks about her life as a Millennial and how growing up with the Internet shaped who she is. A strong emphasis on blogging and creative entrepreneurship, her guests discuss a wide range of topics from body image to feminism.