Scientists Say These 10 Songs Can Reduce Stress Up to 65 Percent

Scientists Say These 10 Songs Can Reduce Stress Up to 65 Percent

The importance of managing stress can be life-saving. Health issues from job stress alone cause more deaths than diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or influenza according to a report published out of Harvard and Stanford business schools.

Here’s a science-backed technique to help tackle anxiety and stress: make a playlist of the 10 songs found to be the most relaxing on earth according to neuroscientists out of the UK.

A team of neuroscientists, which Dr. Lewis-Hodgson lead of Mindlab International, conducted a study on sound therapy. Sound therapies have long been popular as a way of relaxing and restoring one’s health. Participants attempted to solve difficult puzzles as quickly as possible while connected to sensors. The puzzles induced a certain level of stress, and participants listened to different songs while researchers measured brain activity as well as physiological states that included heart rate, blood pressure, and rate of breathing.

The results of the study showed “Weightless” by Marconi Union, proved to be the most relaxing. The eight-minute song was produced in collaboration with sound therapists and resulted in a decrease of anxiety by 65 percent in participants and a 35 percent reduction in their usual physiological resting rates. Its carefully arranged harmonies, rhythms, and bass lines help slow a listener’s heart rate, reduce blood pressure and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

“‘Weightless’ was so effective, many women became drowsy and I would advise against driving while listening to the song because it could be dangerous,” said Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson.

In addition to “Weightless,” Dr. Lewis-Hodgson’s musical research found Adele’s “Someone Like You” and “Strawberry Swing” by Coldplay could also significantly reduce anxiety.

So don’t drive while listening to these, but we recommend creating a playlist for when you feel the stress of world on your shoulders, push play and take a deep exhale.

1.“Weightless” by Marconi Union
2. “Electra” by Airstream
3. “Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix)” by DJ Shah
4. “Watermark” by Enya
5. “Strawberry Swing” by Coldplay
6. “Please Don’t Go” by Barcelona
7. “Pure Shores” by All Saints
8. “Someone Like You” by Adele
9. “Canzonetta Sull’aria” by Mozart
10. “We Can Fly” by Rue du Soleil (Café Del Mar)