Questions You Should be Asking in an Interview

In preparation for an interview, we often focus on how to best predict and answer the questions asked of us. When you feel you have those down, you leave the interview feeling like they received the best understanding of yourself, but do you understand them and the position?

One of the most common mistakes candidates can make is forgetting to ask the right questions during the interview so that if they receive a job offer, they are confident that they really want it and can succeed. Stay clear of any questions that can be simply answered with a “yes” or “no” to ensure you get the best possible explanation. Here are some questions to keep in mind.

How do you evaluate success in this position?

Why is this position open? If new, why is this position needed? If replacing someone, why did that person leave?

What challenges do you see your facility facing over the next year? 

What challenges do you see the person accepting this role facing, short term and long term?

What do you like most about working with this facility?

Now that you have my qualifications, do you have any concerns about my ability to be successful in this position? 

What else can I elaborate on for you?

Do you have any questions to add to the list? We’d love to hear your comments!