MU Health Care Launches Innovative Nursing Recruitment Strategy

MU Health Care Launches Innovative Nursing Recruitment Strategy

With an estimated shortage of 3 million registered nurses by 2020, hospitals all over the country are trying new strategies to entice nurses to work for them. For the University of Missouri Health Care (MU Health Care) it means offering bonuses—not to new employees—but to staff members who successfully recruit registered nurses to the organization.

MU staff members who recruit RNs to neurosciences, internal medicine and psychiatric ICUs, will earn a $10,000 bonus, the Columbia Daily Tribune reports. In addition, if the cash prize wasn’t incentive enough; those bonus earning staff members are also eligible to win an all-expenses paid trip for four to Hawaii.

The recruitment strategy shows that in a competitive market where the demand is high and the supply is low, hospitals must try innovative incentives to get qualified nurses to work for their organization. MU’s bonus plan was announced two weeks ago.

The organizations approach to offer bonuses to employees rather than new hires is intended to convey the “respect and value” the health system has for its employees, MU Health spokesman Mary Jenkins told the publication.

“We know they are hardworking and innovative,” she said. “And we know they associate with others like them.”

And by giving the bonus to employees, rather than the new hires, they hope it will prevent “job-hopping” to the next hospital, the article noted.

MU Health employs about 1,200 RNs, with plans to hire another 75 or so in the next couple of years, Jenkins said. The new incentive plan is meant to “grow our current nursing staff but also to fill future nursing positions that are going to be open within the next year.”

Boone Hospital Center in Missouri, is investing in experienced nurses rather than recent graduates. The hospital is offering a $10,000 sign-on bonus to full-time RNs with five or more years of experience; nurses with at least six months experience can net a $5,000 bonus, according to the article.

You can read the Columbia Daily Tribune article here.