Minute Maid Opened a Store for the Holidays Where You Can’t Buy Anything

A Store for the Holidays Where You Can’t Buy Anything

There’s a lot of nostalgia surrounding the holiday season. We carry out some of the same traditions like eating special dishes reserved for this time of year, or watching the same holiday movies, and visiting our favorite retail shops to enjoy the holiday displays and atmosphere.

Nostalgia can become a very persuasive emotion during this time of year. One retailer has launched a holiday campaign where it’s selling  just that.

Minute Maid has launched “The Holiday Store with Nothing to Sell.” At this paradoxical little pop-up, adorned with sparkly snowflakes and light-drenched Christmas trees, kids walk in and write letters to their parents while sipping on orange juice.

The letters are boxed up and wrapped in pale green paper. In this video, watch five kids reflect on their letters, and the parents’ reactions upon opening the gifts.

The execution is part of Minute Maid’s #doingood campaign, developed to help parents combat their internal struggles while trying to balance work, life and children. “Sometimes the best gifts can’t be bought,” the video suggests, and incites others to tell their parents they’re #doingood, too.

The video is being used to drive viewers to an area of the Minute Maid site where users can create a letter using one of three fill-in-the-blanks templates, and share it via Facebook or Twitter.

The video has drawn more than 2000,000 views on YouTube since being posted there on November 22.

While it isn’t clear whether this’ll sell more Minute Maid, it doesn’t hurt to remind us that the best gifts we can give are from the heart.