Mastering the Resume

The resume can often be a daunting step in the application process. Do you add character to it? How do you keep it simple? Will it make a strong enough impression? Does it capture what they are looking for in the position?

All great questions, but often times we get caught in the rut of your resume acting like the job description you just read. It might be simple to read, to the point, and efficient, but now more than everyour resume should show your personality. Reading a resume should be like reading your professional story – not your life story – but more selling yourself on what you have done through your work experiences.

How do you accomplish this? Lifehack shared a post on 10 Tips on How to Craft a Perfect Resume. These tips are great on capturing what a great resume should look like.

Our favorite tip is number 10 – Include experience, aims, and achievements. Applying to a job is not all about them liking you, but you also liking them. This means making sure your goals and passions match what they are all about.

What are some tips you’ve taken for your resume and seen success from? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!