LinkedIn Tips to Update your Profile

As we get ready for 2016, it’s a good time to refresh that LinkedIn profile. It’s no secret LinkedIn can be a powerful networking tool with more than 360 million members, especially when you are utilizing all of the platform’s features. Here are some tips you may be overlooking to make your profile ready for the new year. .

Customize your public profile URL

To make your profile look more professional simply customize your LinkedIn public URL. Instead of a URL with a bunch of random numbers at the end, it will look more business card like with your name on it: http// Customize your URL in your profile settings by following these steps. But remember, public profile URLs are available on a first come, first served basis.

Update or add a LinkedIn background photo

This feature allows you to show off a little bit of your personality by adding a photo or graphic of your own. It’s always wise to keep in mind that this photo reflects you as a professional so choose your photo accordingly. Get creative and design a graphic that showcases your accomplishments or choose a photo that truly reflects who you are as a professional.

Optimize the anchor text for the blogs/website links

Instead of using the default anchor text links in the Websites list within your LinkedIn profile’s Contact Info section, you can choose to modify the anchor text to make those links more appealing to people who view your profile. So if you want to increase clicks on the website links you display there, change those links’ anchor text to something more attention-grabbing than the standard options LinkedIn provides.

For example, if you want to include a link to your blog, rather than choosing LinkedIn’s standard “Blog” anchor text, customize it to include keywords that indicate what your blog is about (for example, “Jan’s Healthcare IT Blog”). Each profile can display up to three website links like this, and they can be customized by editing your profile (click Profile >> Edit Profile from the site’s top navigation), clicking the Contact Info section, clicking the pencil icon next to your website links, and selecting Other in the drop-down menu.

Search Optimize your profile

Use key terms related to your field, job search or skills to allow those who are searching for those key words can easily find you. Add these keywords to your profile such as in your headline or job summary.

Be Identifiable

Allow others to see who you are if you view their profile. To enable this, visit your Settings (click your thumbnail image in the top right and click Manage next to Privacy & Settings) and click Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile under Profile >> Privacy Controls. Make sure you check off the Your name and headline (Recommended) option.
Which brings us to our final tip: Make your headline count

Your LinkedIn headline is your online brand, because your name and your headline are the only things a LinkedIn user will see when s/he conducts a search on the LinkedIn database and your profile comes up as one of the search returns. Your headline, your name and your profile photo are the only cues that user will get before deciding whether or not to click through your headline to your full profile. Take some time and revisit your headline to see if it accurately reflects who you are today and where you want to be professionally.