Leadership: The Courage to Shape a Better Future

If you go to any company’s website, somewhere on the site you’ll find it’s mission statement and values. These are usually statements that the company feels represents them and often they never leave that page. But since the beginning, we have tried to make our values part of every aspect of our communication and business plan.

Here at ICON our values are what we are built on. They are the foundation first created when there were just a few of us in a basement. Each and every day we remind ourselves what these values mean to us and the markets we serve. We chose these values not only because of who we are, but because of the people we work with every day.

ICON’s values are our compass for our daily actions and describe how we behave as a team. Throughout the next few months we are going to share a new value each week and how it’s shaped us to the company we are today and the impact it’s made on the people we work with.

We hope this is something that can inspire and motivate you each week, but also a way to open the dialogue on what motivates you daily and what you value in a company and career.

First up…

Leadership: The courage to shape a better future.

We are all given a new opportunity every day as soon as the sun comes up (and even before for our early risers). An opportunity to start something new, finish a project, help someone, put a smile on someone’s face – whatever it may be, it starts with a step forward and that takes courage.

Each day we take our expertise and use it to lead and shape the future of everyone we work with. We value the time and the new opportunity given to us in a simple phone call to better understand people’s passions and goals and be part of making those a reality in their career.

Today we challenge you to step up in courage and make something happen today that will better your future.