Landing Your Dream Career

Applying to jobs is as easy as a few clicks of your mouse and attaching a generic cover letter and resume that you made a few years back. But hiring managers can click delete on your submission just as easily. How do you make sure that doesn’t happen? A solid resume, a personalized cover letter and believe it or not, a good email address.

Your Email is going to get you an automatic delete on your job application. Your email should speak truth into identifying yourself and simply your name or last name with some numbers looks much more professional then sharing what you “luv”. Another big red flag is having your school domain as your email address. Employers know that eventually those emails will expire and if you want to look like a graduate and can work right now when the employer needs you to, an “.edu” email address isn’t going to cut it.

Your Resume

Hiring Managers in general read an average of 46 resumes a day and a lot of them do it in 10-20 seconds. They have key things they are looking for: location, industry, function, level, experience, education, certification, turnover, and functional resume, to name a few. Each of these key points in a resume can quickly eliminate 80% of applicants. For example, if the position is in California and the applicant is from Boston (which is traditionally visual on a resume right below the applicants name) then that resume is tossed – 5 seconds.

So how do you get the hiring manager to hold onto your resume for longer than 5 seconds?

A catered resume.

The perk of using a staffing agency for applying for positions is the fact that we are already in contact with the hiring managers and know what the answers are to the key points they are looking for and we also know more.

We know what type of work environment is present and what kind of personality the department represents. We can see if a lot of people have left and why they left. We can ask those questions “why is this position open in the first place?” and see exactly what we are bringing someone into.

With that being said, once you know what these key points are and what their job description is, use those same key points and descriptions in your resume to point out your strengths as being exactly what they need.

Your Cover Letter

The same tactics used to cater your resume can be used to personalize your cover letter. When we say, “personalize” we aren’t talking about posting your picture all over it and sharing stories about yourself, we are talking about personalizing it towards the employer. That means addressing the cover letter to not just the company but to the actual hiring manager’s name (which we will have for you).

This also means that instead of sharing stories about you, take the job description duties or qualification section and give direct examples of how you have done those duties or achieved those qualifications in previous experiences. This allows them to see right away how you fit with this position.

If you are ready to get started with these pieces and have questions, feel free to contact an ICON Concierge!