Landing Your Dream Career: The In Person Interview

In-person interviews are usually the final interviews that take place. You will have already had a preliminary interview with the department and will have an understanding of them, as they will of you. Most of the time, these in-person interviews show you the company, where you’ll be working and answer any questions that might come up while at the location.

Like we’ve addressed in our previous tips and tricks, always dress for success, but be in something that you will be able to walk around in for any tours. Scout out the location the day before and make sure you know how long it will take for you to get there. The morning of, be sure to check traffic reports well before you planned to leave to make sure you arrive with no issues.

An important thing to remember is a confident posture and to keep eye contact with your interviewee. After each question, make sure you ask if you elaborated enough. One of the biggest critiques we hear from hiring managers is that someone went too long on their answer creating a rant rather than a direct answer. Think of a short and concise answer and then ask if you elaborated enough. If they say no then continue with more details.

Remember that they know you well enough at this point so be yourself and really take this onsite interview as a time to reflect and question whether you are a good fit. Also use this time to ask questions about any concerns you’ve acquired from the interview process.

If an offer is handed to you, say “thank you” and let them know you are exciting to get back to them the following day. Hiring managers know that you have a family and people that are important to inform about a decision like taking a new career.

Congratulations on making it this far or being prepared for when this exciting time happens! If you’re interested in advancing your career in Retail, you know who to contact.