Interpersonal Skills are Everything

Skills and experience have been the go-to priorities for hiring. When you have an open position, the first thing you write out or think about is what kind of skill and experience do we need in order for this position to be filled and taken care of? But there is a reason why companies are promoting culture heavily in their pitch for who they are. It’s because the need for a loyal and passionate team is greater than the need for expertise.

Companies are changing the types of people they want to bring in. Instead of being focused on the amount of years of experience in a specific scripting language or a specific certification, the need for personable and motivated individuals is crucial for the success of a growing team. We have witnessed the stellar Systems Administrator with 10+ years of spot-on industry experience not make the cut due to their inability to connect with the team and what they represent in the industry.

How you express your passion and excitement in the interview is just as important (if not more) than the years of experience and expertise you hold. Many times, people less qualified get hired because they are eager to do great work and they make that clear when they meet the employer face-to-face. This article from Careerealism should help clarify how to really tackle an interview so that you come across perfect for the opportunity.

The times have truly changed and the companies that are seeing the most success are the ones that put a heavier emphasis on taking care of its team and making sure the passion for the company aligns with the passion of each team member.

It’s time for the tech industry to flourish with people that are truly excited about its power in changing the lives around us for the better.

What types of things do you look for in a good employee or employer?