Integrity: At all Costs, We are United in Honesty

We hear it and see it often, the negative views on industries and why people don’t like certain brands because of XYZ.  Whether it is from a bad experience with one person at a company or its media reputation, we all make our judgments. One thing is evident in these judgments – lack of trust.

We are unsure about the quality of the company when we deal with someone that lied about what they would provide or when you feel like you are getting manipulated for their best interest. These characteristics have given some a bad taste about working with a staffing agency. We get it and have seen it and are determined to change it.

That is why this week’s value is so crucial to the success of ICON:


First and foremost, we work on building trust. That all starts by understanding our clients and candidates motives, goals, dreams and making sure our solution will fit best. If it doesn’t, we won’t work together – simple as that.

This type of approach has taught us how to truly build quality relationships with our clients and candidates and present the market with the best way of doing staffing. We have seen time and time again the people we work with flourish from our integrity value and see the adoption of it working in their business.

Our challenge to you this week is to put aside any preconceived motives when starting a new business relationship and make sure that from the beginning you can establish the trust you need to create something amazing.

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