How to Unplug While on Vacation

It’s always hard to return to work coming off a long weekend. But what’s even harder, is the ability to unplug while away from the office. Even when there’s tons of science out there to back up not only the health benefits of taking a vacation but also the ability to unplug while on the beach.

Here are some ways to unplug and return to the office feeling refreshed and not stressed about the pile of work waiting for you: 

Plan Ahead

Whether you’re planning to unplug from work completely or simply to keep your work time minimized, you need a clear plan of attack for how you’re going to use your devices while in vacation mode. Turn off all notifications and move apps that you’re tempted to open to a “Do Not Open” folder. Just creating this extra step should make it harder for you to mindlessly wander around. Also plan ahead by telling someone your idea to unplug. That way you can let people know you won’t be able to text back. They might even help you stay accountable while on your trip.

I’ll be Swamped when I Return

This might be true. Constantly looking at, or even responding to messages, won’t actually get you ahead. Rather it’ll just stress you out when you see what’s waiting for you. The best way to avoid this is to try your very best to get the majority of your big looming projects done before your trip. Then never look back. Don’t worry, it’ll be there when you return and you’ll have the right energy to tackle it.

Prepare to Leave, Ditch the Guilt

Assuming you’re asking your team members to simply cover for you, there’s no reason to feel guilty. That’s what being a part of a team is about! A few days before you leave, send out an email as a reminder letting your co-workers know you won’t be checking your work email while you’re away.  They will understand and will respect the fact that you are choosing to truly unplug. When it’s their turn, you can return the favor. 

Quality is Your Reward

To unplug means a pure restart on your thoughts. To be present and mindful is a powerful state to be in and will result in clearer thoughts, quality work, and a positive presence. When you can get to this level not just on vacation but on the weekends, you can see a new type pf productivity in yourself. Try it. Trust it.