How to Maximize the Value of Your LinkedIn Profile

So, you’re feeling pretty good about your updated LinkedIn profile for 2016. Nice job, but there’s always room for improvement. Branding expert, William Arruda writes on how to maximize the value of that hard-earned profile and how to turn it into an invaluable tool to help advance your career.

Make it visible. Don’t be shy. Arruda recommends making every element of your profile visible to everyone to maximize exposure. Through the Privacy and Settings option, you can choose to share your entire profile or just a few elements with public viewers. Share, away!

Keep it current. According to LinkedIn, you should “update your status at least 20 times per month in order to maximize your reach to approximately 60% of your unique audience.” This concept is simple; the more interaction you have with your profile, the more likely it will be seen by others.

Get people to check out your profile. Arruda says there are several easy ways to get people to check out your profile beyond finding you by those handy keywords. Direct them to it by adding a QR Code that directly links to your profile, on your business card, resume, and pitch letters. Another is to by adding LinkedIn buttons to your email signature, blog, and website etc.

Create your own website. There are a number of services like that will let you import your LinkedIn content into their platform so you can create your own custom website. This helps ensure consistency and saves time and effort.

Turn it into a resume. LinkedIn Labs’ resume builder, provides tools to turn your LinkedIn profile into a resume. You can pick a resume template, customize the content, print and share.

“Remember, before you maximize your profile, you need to make sure it is compelling and reflects who you are in the real world,” writes Arruda. Its value is amplified by the more eyes that come across it.