Holidays are in Full Force

The end of the year is always the busiest and most exciting time for the Retail industry. The second Halloween is over we start to see Christmas decorations take over the aisles. As always, Thanksgiving gets passed over in preparation for the big finale, but according to the National Retail Federation, the holiday spending has started strong this fall with the help of recent economic momentum.

Some retailers are taking a creative approach to the season’s campaigns. With American Eagle’s sales dropping this year, an April Fools joke turned true this season by providing a dog clothing line called American Beagle Outfitters for it’s new winter campaign. The clothing line launched this past month just in time to get your pets something they’ve (never) wanted for the holidays.

Pinterest is looking to play another massive role in holiday sales with its one click way to purchase items. Retailers are investing a lot of time in allowing this to work for them and in previous years,Pinterest has increased the sales-per-pin figure by 25%.

As the Retail industry gets more and more competitive and creative, retailers are faced with the constant challenge of differentiation. Some work with new, quirky ideas and some simply stick to what they know and finish the marathon strong. Nevertheless, it’s always an exciting time.

What are you looking forward to this holiday season?