Hiring for Your Network not Your Culture

Company culture fit is a big requirement when hiring on a new team member. Where this can start to cross the line is when you are wondering more about whether this person would be someone fun to hang out with outside of work versus his or her ability to get the job done every single day.

Recently, the NRF held its Retail Recruiter Network meeting where executives presented on “Selecting High-Quality Hires for Today’s New Work Environment.” Instead of focusing on the candidate’s fit to the company culture, the research stated the fit to the network could improve the quality of the hire by 30 percent.

A network fit is more focused on performance and finding someone that can contribute to the organization’s entire business. Brett Agypt, CEB’s associate director of research explains that a person can be viewed as a network fit through being an individual with high output work with no error and can communicate good ideas to help deliver on a collaborative product.

Read the rest of the NRF’s post to find out what questions retailers should be asking themselves when making a hiring decision.

What aspects of the candidate do you focus on when making a hire? Does a fit to your company culture rank number one in your requirements?