Highest Paying States for Travel Therapists

Highest Paying States for Travel Therapists

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When considering your first or next travel assignment, you know the duration and location can have an impact on your salary. But did you know that the facility and the state you choose to work in can also affect your salary?

Therapy salaries, without cost of living by state factored in have a median average wage for a Physical Therapist of about $85,400 or an hourly rate of $41.06 in 2016. The top end (90%) comfortably earns $122,130, $58.71 an hour. The lowest paid 10% of employed PTs made less than $58,190 ($27.97 an hour), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The BLS reports that highest paying states for PTs are:
Nevada —High demand and high salary. The average PT salary is comfortably around $120, 820 with a lower-than-average cost of living.
New Jersey—Drop the stereotypes and head to the east coast. One of the top paying states with a mean wage of $96,890 with a lower cost of living.
California—Known for being one of the top-paying states in healthcare, it’s higher cost of living needs to be considered. But so do the beaches, mountains, deserts and big cities.
Texas — The Lone Star State boasts high PT salaries ($95, 240) and one of the states with the highest employment level.
Alaska —Looking for an adventure? Another state with high-demand and high salary. Average salary of close to $93,000 a year.

Highest paying states for Occupational Therapists are:
Nevada —High demand and high salary add up to $102,870 average salary.
Texas —$96,800 is the what you’ll expect to earn in Texas.
New Jersey — What coast is the best coast? While that’s debatable, we do know $91,660 is the mean wage.
Virginia — From the Atlantic seashore to the Appalachian Mountains, OT earns on average $91,450.
Connecticut —Enjoy a stay in this vacation destination and earn about $89,340.

Salaries can be affected by an occupational therapist’s experience, the setting, and other stipends, in addition to cost of living.

Keep in mind for travel PT, OT, and SLP jobs, you can potentially earn more than the national average due to additional benefits and reimbursement bonuses.