Here’s to The Best Year Yet

As we reflect on this past year and look forward to what’s ahead in the New Year, a priority on everyone’s list is happiness. How happiness is achieved is very different for each person. It could be through the trips you will go on, the time spent with family, the numbers you hit, the exercise you accomplish or the career you have.

ICON is looking at 2014 as the year we become better as a company, people, and service. What that really means is all of the above in one year for not just us but for our clients and providers.

Accomplishing this goal will take motivation, accountability, and deep down confidence that we BELIEVE it WILL happen. So here’s to your best year yet and some simple tips on how to uncover happiness in your career, personal health, and home life.


Having a flexible schedule and being able to tweak your time providing is a huge help in having more happiness in the workplace. More and more companies and industries are realizing the importance of flexibility and only 3% of companies terminated this idea in the past two years according to the annual WorldatWork Survey. An easy solution is a Locum Tenens position, which allows you to choose what weeks you work and how long you want to be in that location.


An easy way to handle long, sometimes daunting hours at work is to find time to step away. This is extremely hard in a healthcare environment, but whenever there is time to take a breather, fresh air and a brisk walk in a new environment can recharge your body and give you new energy.


Losing weight seems to be a top New Year’s resolution for everyone. One way to look at it is instead of using a negative word such as “losing,” replace it with something positive, “getting healthier.” It’s a great perspective change and is more of an encouragement.

Planning your meals on the weekends or on a day off for when you’ll be working is huge and takes stress off at night. The idea of planning your meals ahead of time will give you no excuse but to eat healthy and leaves more time for family.

Trying to sneak in workouts? Make it a family activity to do an evening walk or trip to the gym!


A busy schedule calls for planning our days down to every little detail. A fully loaded calendar saved on our smart phones or emails is crucial for staying on top of everything. A simple fix to letting your family know your whereabouts and when you’ll be free is sharing your calendar with them. Even if you are busy all day, the fact that they get to see your daily schedule will make them feel as if they get to be part of your day. This helps with friends too so you can plan fun getaway nights or grab dinner more consistently on nights off.

What are some helpful tips on managing your day and bringing happiness to your life?