Happy Nurse Practitioner Week

The coming year is going to be one of the most exciting years for Nurse Practitioners. What better way to highlight this excitement than with a week devoted to Nurse Practitioners. This week, we remember where Nurse Practitioners started and how far they have come. The roles have changed tremendously just in this past year and will continue to as a solution to the primary care shortage.

This year we learned more about which states have higher average salaries for Nurse Practitioners.This depends on cost of living and location, but can reach six figures in states like Mississippi, Indiana and Arkansas. We’ve also seen an increase in salary for specific specialties with Aesthetics increasing 34% in salary to $129,456.

And then there is the big prediction for 2015. Nurse Practitioners will see the highest demand healthcare has ever seen in the industry. This comes from the primary care demand and also some unfamiliar faces to healthcare stepping forward – retailers. Wal-Mart and Walgreens are just a couple of the retailers offering health services led primarily by Nurse Practitioners.

Lastly, we are seeing a ramp up in Telemedicine. Now patients are able to see a healthcare provider in the comfort of their own home (and vice versa). This level of quick-care can save a lot of unnecessary hospital visits. The concern here is whether or not that lack of personal connection and interaction with a provider face-to-face will diminish the quality of care provided.

With new innovations and a lot of high expectations for Advanced Practice Providers, 2015 will present a giant step forward for healthcare. Thank you to all the Nurse Practitioners stepping up to fill the gaps and better the industry.

Happy Nurse Practitioner Week!