Google Glass and Healthcare

A lot of debate has occurred over the actual use of Google Glass and who exactly will benefit from it most. With just last week being the one-day release date of Google Glass to the public, a lot of physicians wondered if they should be purchasing it.

Healthcare is definitely an industry such technology could help and even more specifically in the ER. The biggest success story example was at Beth Israel hospital in Boston where its pilot program of Google Glass was able to provide crucial information about a patient to a Physician while rushing into the emergency room. The ability for a Physician to receive information without ever having to look away from the patient could be the difference in saving someone’s life.

Doctor Iltifat Husain has been testing Google glass for several months in a hospital setting and his experience proved the wearable technology has great potential but in the correct clinical settings. His advice is to wait until it’s perfected for your specific specialty.

A lot of healthcare professionals are seeing the success or future success this technology holds and are jumping on ways to be part of it. UCLA engineering researchers “have developed and validated a Google Glass point-of-care diagnostic test for in-home HIV tests and a prostate-specific antigen test.” This proves it’s accomplishment in the industry already and how it can improve in a fantastic way.

As a healthcare provider or someone in the industry, will you ever purchase Google Glass? Or what would need to be added or changed in order for you to take the leap?