#FlashbackFriday: What’s New in Tech February 17 – 21

Technology is constantly changing every single second. Keeping up with all the acquisitions and new products out there can start to feel like a fulltime job. ICON will have a weekly update recapping what all went down in the tech world with a local emphasis on Portland, Oregon. 

Not only are we based here as a company, but Portland has been in the spotlight for being the new up-and-coming tech town. With companies like Mozilla and Google looking into what Portland has to offer, the opportunities here continue to grow.

Enjoy & let us know what your favorite tech highlights were this week!

Hadoop startup Talend is shooting for an IPO “in the next couple of years,” says CEO Mike Tuchen. “I think that market [for Hadoop] is moving faster than any other market I’ve personally witnessed,” said Tuchen. “It’s moving faster than the virtualization wave.” Read more here: Talend to IPO Soon.

Apple iWatch may predict heart attack risk, plus three technological advances to keep your health in check. Apple is in the development process on the software and optoelectronic sensor technology to measure heart rate and blood oxygen levels – all in a wearable computer on your wrist. Read more here: Apple iWatch to Predict Heart Attack.

Daimler HQ consolidation in Portland, Oregon adds 400 new jobs in a $150M total investment. “We’re the most visible product made in the state of Oregon. Every time you’re on the highway, you see one of our trucks,” said CEO, Martin Daum. “The drivers might be wearing Nikes, but you’re not able to see them.” Read more here: 264,000-Square-Foot Daimler Project to be Completed by 2016.

Simple, Portland-based online banker, sells to Spain’s BBVA for $117 million. In an announcement February 20, Simple made history in Portland by being sold to Spanish banker BBVA – “the biggest exit for any of the city’s new generation of entrepreneurial businesses.” Read more here: Simple Sold to BBVA for $117 million.

Jawbone has $600M revenue run rate as it paces to IPO. With $250 million raised from Twitter, Flipboard and Square investor Rizvi Traverse, Jawbone is right on the path to a public offering. Read more here: Jawbone Speaker Company Closer to IPO.

Happy Friday!