"Every Day is Earth Day" Common Theme for Retailers

Earth Day campaigns in retail are what a lot of people look forward to. To know that the brand you associate yourself with is doing something for the environment makes you even more attached to the brand. This year’s Earth Day campaigns didn’t disappoint and below are just a few of some of the most impactful and unique ones we saw in Retail.


Apple seems to have taken the lead in their marketing efforts for promoting what they are doing for recycling efforts not just on Earth Day, but every day. And as always they share it in a video titled “Better” and narrated by their very own CEO, Tim Cook.

Gap, Inc.

Gap put out a blog post starting April 1 about how they are not just celebrating Earth Day later in the month, but promoting it for the entire month of April. Check out their post to make every day, Earth Day (there is a theme).

Whole Foods

Whole Foods brings in a unique idea this month – a new processor that turns food waste into organic fertilizer to be sold to farmers and consumers. The WISErg Harvester is to be installed next month in Washington.

What were some of your favorite campaigns you saw in Retail for Earth Day?