Dressing for Success

T-shirts and sandals might seem like a common uniform in today’s corporate world, but for an interview, the standard is heightened. For some companies, jeans and a shirt are appropriate work attire and anything more formal wouldn’t fit with the culture, while others believe that to be completely underdressed and unprofessional. So how do you know what to wear for an interview? We came up with three different categories that the company you’re interviewing with will fall under.

Remember, the most important thing for these interviews is your confidence and ability to express your fit with that company and position. You can reference our previous Landing Your Dream Career posts to brush up on how to communicate this clearly to your interviewee. As for how to make your first impression something they will remember, follow our tips below.


When we say “casual” we don’t mean show up in your pajamas, but wearing a suit and tie or a very conservative outfit might come across as not being a good fit for the company culture. Below are our suggestions for the perfect casual interview outfit. Remember, if you are working with ICON you can always ask your recruiter for advice on what to wear and always refer to the company’s culture page where they will have a description of the dress code guidelines. Even if the dress code allows denim, steer clear of that until you experience it for yourself.

casual interview outfit ideas

Business Casual

This is always the safest bet for any interview. If you are struggling between choosing a casual outfit vs. business casual, always go for the latter option. It’s better to be a little overdressed than underdressed. An important tip is to stick with closed toed shoes and a little pop of color or pattern helps show your personality.

business casual interview outfit ideas


If you are applying to work in a very conservative culture, neutrals are your best friend. In a formal culture, professionalism and presentation are huge, which means leave the neon colors at home. You can still use a pattern of some sort to make your look unique and something they will remember.

formal interview outfit ideas

If you have any questions on how to present yourself, first reference our previous posts on how to land your dream career or feel free to contact an Icon Concierge to find out the best way to succeed in advancing your career. You can also get ideas from our Pinterest Board on business attire.