Dressing for Success in a Tech Interview

T-shirts and sandals seem to be the common uniform for the tech scene. Although this might be something you can’t wait to be part of, interviewing with these companies is different than being on the team. So before you whip out your favorite graphic t-shirt, take our advice on what tech clients are looking for when interviewing.

Besides your stellar background and expertise in the industry, how you present yourself is big in first impressions. Dressing in a formal suit will right away write you off as “not a good culture fit.” Instead, a more business casual approach will best suit an interview with a tech company. Below are our suggestions on what to wear to ace your in-person interview.

If you are applying to work with a more conservative tech industry, like Healthcare IT, something a little dressier will best suit the interview.

What is your go-to interview outfit? Have you ever experienced a time where you didn’t receive a job because of what you were wearing?

If you have any questions on how to handle a big interview, feel free to contact an ICON Concierge and we can help you through that process.