What Did You Buy with your First Paycheck?

Do You Remember What you Bought with your First Paycheck?

Whether it was bussing tables, serving fast food, working a register, answering phones or selling athletic shoes, most first jobs weren’t exactly lucrative. Still, there was a sense of pride holding your first minimum wage paycheck that made up for its lack of digits.

In a recent AskReddit, Redditors were asked what they had bought with their first paychecks. Some of their stories will make you laugh, while others will warm your heart.

Lunch at Taco Bell, $20

Reddit user VeryReady shared that his family had never been blessed financially. Growing up, he writes about how he had to look for loose change around the house in order to buy lunch at the school vending machines otherwise he would go without. He also notes that if his parents ever did have the money, he knows they would have spoiled him.

“When I got my first paycheck in high school, I snuck $20 into my mom’s and dad’s empty wallets. I knew they needed it. The very next day while I was at work, my mom called me and asked if I wanted to eat lunch during my break. ‘Taco Bell!’ she said. I met up with her and we ordered together. My mom says ‘Lunch is on me!’ She smiled brightly and pulled out a bill from her wallet, the $20 bill. To this day, I haven’t told her I put that money in there but she has no idea how much she touched my heart. The first person she thought of was her son.

Movie Theater Paycheck to Mom and Dad, $930

After all that movie theater popcorn, user StickySpots decided to give their first paycheck to mom and dad who were struggling to pay the bills.

“My first paycheck was from a movie theater job that I picked up when I was 16, I knew my parents were struggling to pay house bills so I gave them my first paycheck. My first check was worth $930 dollars. My check was pretty high for making $7.30 an hour but it took a month or so for the movie theater to get me into their system with paperwork. My parents never asked me for any help I just knew they needed help.”

Pager, Under $500

You have to admit this is a pretty genius way to approach not having to pay your bills. User PorkPants81 says, “I bought a pager when I was 16. I didn’t realize that there were monthly fees for it. They didn’t have my address or anything … I never paid a bill and it stayed on for over a year.”

1GB Hard Drive (in 1996), $250

Not exactly his first paycheck but still worth a mention. User LikeChicken says, “It wasn’t exactly my first paycheck, but I remember being very excited to purchase a 1GB hard drive in 1996. It was $250. ONE GIGABYTE!”

What did you buy with your first paycheck?