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Phone: 888.777.5973

ICON HQ: 8100 SW Nyberg St STE 400, Tualatin, OR 97062

Meet the Team

Joel Slenning
Founder & CEO
Debra Hays
Managing Partner
Ashley Simpson
Managing Partner
Lisa Slenning
Director of Human Resources
Amy Arthuad
Alexis Bowechop
Senior Accountant
Hannah Ahn
Locum Tenens Support Manager
Megan Elder
Locum Tenens Coordinator
Caitlin Crawford
Locum Tenens Travel Coordinator
Charlene Frail-McGeever
Director of Physician Licensing & Credentialing
Teresa Barker
Physician Licensing & Credentialing Specialist
Sarah Paris
Credentialing Specialist
Mac McDonald
Senior Account Executive, Physician Recruiment
Michael Meadows
Account Executive, Physician Recruitment
Christopher Serra
Physician Recruiter
Haley Vigeland
Locum Tenens Recruiter
Laurie Johnson
Director of Advanced Practice Recruitment
Miranda Huba
Advanced Practice Recruiter
Lauren Miller
Advanced Practice Recruiter
Hannah Floom
Account Executive, Pharmacy Recruitment
Kim Carroll
Director of Physical Therapy Recruitment
Christen Aldrich
Account Executive, Physical Therapy
Eric Nelson
Account Executive, Information Technology Recruitment
Shannon August
Marketing Manager
4 cups of coffee a day kind of gal.
Morgan Thompson
Marketing Specialist
Once watched Netflix for 47 hours straight.
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Shakif Dowllah
Research & Tech lead
Sometimes my friends call me Clark Kent.