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We help talent discover their WHY. Why we're doing what we do makes a world of difference in career satisfaction and it allows us to be the best versions of ourselves. This belief is the guiding principle in everything we do at ICON.

We are a national, multi-site contract staffing and search organization that provides expert staffing solutions and services to the Healthcare, IT/Technical, Locum Tenens and Retail industries.

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The people in your company are the mainstay of your business. They are the ones that carry your mission statement, represent your company’s culture. We search for just the right candidate that can make a positive contribution to your organization in a host of positions:

Retained Recruitment

If your need is more immediate, or the talent’s skills are more in demand, we can dedicate a team of professionals to focus exclusively on your specific solution. In return for a small commitment fee up front, you will receive a complete, customized search action plan. The success rate for retained searches historically is over 95% successful search and recruitment hire on rate.


Contingency search gives companies a no-risk option. You only pay a fee upon the hiring of our talent. This option does not have as high a success rate as a retained search, but can be best utilized when multiple openings are present and you need one dedicated firm to fill them all. 

Contract Staffing

We have consultants available at all levels and in all areas of medical, technical and retail. Give us a call and we can customize a solution for you, whether you need a high powered consultant or an IT software developer, ICON has the solution!

Customized Programs

No preconceived notions or shortcuts—only carefully crafted solutions designed to achieve specific hiring goals and objectives. With a full range of solutions, we give you the flexibility you want at the pace you demand.

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