Cleaning up Your LinkedIn Profile

A social media presence can be a game-changer when it comes to landing a career. It’s one thing to have social media accounts, but it’s completely different to truly be present on them. Of all the networks you can be invested in, one is the staffing industries go to for finding out more about a person’s professional background and that is LinkedIn.

Knowing that employers look at your LinkedIn page before moving forward in their hiring process, keeping it clean and marketing yourself correctly is key to finding success in moving up in your career.

Here are our tips that are crucial for a professional and beneficial LinkedIn profile:

1. Professional Picture

On most other social media networks, your profile picture can be of you and your friend dressed up for Halloween or even one of you and your entire family, but on LinkedIn think of this as your first impression in a face-to-face job interview. It’s important to have a professional headshot of some sort that is preferably the shoulders up.

2. Your Name and Title

Use your first and last name only for your title. Sometimes it will make sense to also have “Technical Professional” in your name section if you are actively looking for a new opportunity. For your current title, if possible, make it a generic title of the position you are aspiring to have. If you want to work in a DevOps position, have your current title be DevOps Professional. This will make it easier for employers to search you and match you with more specific positions depending on your experience.

3. Your Summary

Your summary is a mini cover letter. Let the latter experience section speak directly about your resume and have this first part be your personal statement. It should be engaging and captivate the reader in a way that makes them want to hire you. This is a great spot for your favorite quote or even your personal mission statement. Here are some great examples of creative and compelling LinkedIn summaries.

4. Recommendations

Recommendations are harder to add since someone has to write them about you, but these speak volumes to employers. Sure, your summary can talk about how great you think you are, but when someone else says how great you are, it’s validated. The best way to go about getting recommendations is to find the people you’d want to write one for you and actually write one for them. Once you’ve written yours, message them saying, “I just wrote you a recommendation and I’d love to hear what you have to say about your experience working with me too.” They are more inclined to write you one when you’ve already done them a favor.

5. Updates

We saved the best for last. Sharing updates are crucial to keeping your face in front of your network. Pushing out quotes and industry articles every single day, will keep you top of mind for everyone you’re connected with. You never know when someone is looking for a professional later down the road and your name comes first to mind. This can open doors as long as the content is relevant and consistent – something they expect to see every day at a specific time.

Once you have implemented these 5 tips, your profile is clean and ready to market with. Have you seen a benefit in keeping up with other types of social media for your professional career? If so, which ones are you most active on?