Changing the Staffing Industry

“What do you do?” This is the easiest question to ask when learning about someone you just met or want to get to know, but yet it tells you nothing about who they really are. We’ve noticed this to be the focus in every staffing company that “what” people do is the most important thing when recruiting. We disagree entirely.

ICON has decided to throw away the “what” and find out something with a much higher priority – your “why.”  With this new mindset in the market, we believe that we will provide a service that no one else can deliver, which is taking your passions and intertwining those with your expertise. If you can work with a company that promotes the reason why you enjoy your career, your life will be exponentially better.

We want to provide that opportunity to you. Why? Because you deserve it and that is ICON’s “why” – serving people and raising the bar for each and everyone we work with.

See what we mean in our company video: It’s More Than What You Do.