Changes in Healthcare

Healthcare is constantly changing and with many mountains to climb and new policies to abide by, providers and facilities are constantly looking for the best possible solutions. Here are some changes we’ve seen as important to be aware of this year.

Advanced Practice Providers Role

It’s no longer just a topic about the shortage in Primary Care providers, but the way healthcare is. Instead of talking about the possible changes needed in the future, healthcare facilities and different states in particular are doing something about it now by granting more responsibilities for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. This is not an idea anymore, but the solution in how primary care will be delivered. It’s definitely an exciting time for NPs and PAs to be part of this new future for healthcare.

Locum Tenens in Demand

The myths behind choosing a Locum Tenens lifestyle or choosing to hire on a Locum Tenens Provider are often negative. The myths range from “A Locum Tenens Provider is too expensive” and “Becoming a Locum Tenens means working unwanted shifts.” But in reality, your facility can actually lose money by not using Locum Tenens and the shifts are more often the same at any hospital. Facilities are realizing the perks of using Locum Tenens and with more and more medical coverage becoming available, Locum Tenens are the perfect solution to filling those extra needed shifts until each facility manages these changes correctly.

ICD-10 Implementation Postponed

It’s a headline that we have all seen way too often, but the news of yet another ICD-10 delay until October 1, 2015 has caused some fuss in the healthcare industry. Some facilities have sighed in relief while others are frustrated with the work they have put in to complete this implementation. What this does tell us is that providers will have more time testing, implementing and training which will ensure a smooth transition for everyone. Even if you were prepared, let this be another chance to perfect your understanding.

What other changes in healthcare do you see benefiting the industry? Anything you see as a burden? We’d love to hear your input!