Are you Hoping for a New Job in Your Stocking this Year? Tips for Job Searching During the Holidays

Ever wondered if it makes sense to continue your search during the holiday season? Many job seekers are tempted to slow down the search during the winter holiday season. But career experts say that taking a break from your holiday job search is a mistake, because hiring doesn’t stop.

The holidays provide some distinct advantages and special opportunities for proactive job seekers. Here’s how to make the most of your job search:

Hiring Managers Don’t Stop Working in December.  While it’s true that some searches slow down or get put on hold, plenty of hiring still happens around the holidays. In fact, often times hiring managers are scrambling to fill positions before the new year or want someone to start soon after January 1.

You’ll have less competition. Because so many job seekers stop actively looking for work around the holidays, you’ll have less competition for the openings you find. It’s about numbers and odds. In fact, some recruiters report that job applications slow to a trickle around this time of year and they have trouble finding suitable candidates for positions that must be filled quickly.

Be flexible. Companies that are trying to make a hire before the new year are often trying to move quickly but may have limited interviewing slots available because of the vacation schedules of those involved in the hiring process. You’ll have an advantage if you’re willing to be flexible and make yourself available when they can talk.

Be prepared to be patient. Hiring processes often move more slowly at this time of year. Employers might take longer to get back to you or need to wait for someone to return from vacation before a hiring decision can be finalized. You should still follow up politely after an interview to reiterate your interest, but don’t be discouraged if it takes longer than usual to hear back.

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