Accountability: Our Efforts Affect Everyone; It’s on Me to Make Excellence Happen

New Year’s resolutions, eating habits, home improvement projects; these are all things we start out with the best intentions, but often times get completely forgotten. The good news is there is a simple solution: accountability.

When we have the people around us in on our goals and desires, we stay on course. That’s one aspect of accountability, being there for each other. But another aspect of accountability is to be aware of your actions and how they affect the people around you.

Everyone has a small (or big) part in the way their company operates and are accountable for tasks that ultimately bring success to the overall goal. To be aware that the big or small efforts put out every day affects something means striving for something much bigger than a deadline or a 5 pm. It’s about the bigger picture and the vision for what something will look like in five or more years.

This week’s value speaks to how you keep yourself in that mindset:



That’s the difference and what you have to strive for day after day in everything you do and that will keep you with the right mindset. If every day you strive for the idea of creating excellence in your career, you will see the benefits of your effort and see how they not only propel you forward, but the people around you.

What type of accountability do you provide to the team members around you? How can you start providing a vision of excellence in your workplace?

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