A Look at the Future of Healthcare Staffing

Our team recently attended the Staffing Industry Analysts Healthcare Staffing Summit in Dallas, Texas and, as always, gained a tremendous amount of insight on what the staffing industry will look like in the years to come.

We wanted to share some of our most perceptive statistics and where we see the healthcare industry going in 2015.


The healthcare industry will see a reduction in staff across the board, 24% of professionals at risk of being automated out. Two years ago, this was 3%.

Where this is seen the most is in the Fast Food industry with 71% at risk of being automated out.


This service is growing at 19%. There is a high turnover in VMS because of the quality, putting pressure on staffing agency to step up in that category.


Advanced Practice Providers are in high demand and will continue for years to come. This demand will be so high that it is projected to cause a 25-year shortage of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs).

NP and PA staffing is up 22% and projected to increase to 86% – the largest growth market in the staffing industry. This is partly due to the fact that 98% of those who signed up for the Obama Care are still in need of care.

Retailers such as Wal-Mart and Walgreens will be part of the staffing increase for NPs and PAs with NPs specifically leading the way.

Locum Tenens coverage increased by 6% and Locum Tenens Emergency Department Physician staffing is up 30%.


Healthcare is the largest growing staffing market and still outperforms all sectors followed by Technology, Construction, and Retail.