5 Things You Need to Know About Working Locum Tenens

5 Things You Need to Know About Working Locum Tenens

Even though there are an estimated 40,000 healthcare providers using locum tenens each year, there are still many physicians who don’t know a lot about this career alternative and the many benefits it offers, including great compensation, flexible schedules, minimal administration, and the chance to help underserved patients.

Here are five things you need to know about locum tenens:

Locum Tenens is a great opportunity for any doctor at any point in their career
Sure, Locum Tenens can be a popular choice among retiring physicians, but it also offers opportunities throughout each stage of a doctor’s medical career. Many doctors work assignments to earn extra income mid-career while expanding their skillset. While those right out of training, may work assignments and start earning an income right away instead of immediately signing a long-term contract. Locums allows these young doctors to find out what they like in a job and equally important, what they don’t.

Avoid Physician burnout
As the patient-to-physician gap continues to grow physician burnout is on the rise and many doctors are looking for ways to overcome it and find a work-life balance. The flexibility of making your own hours and the ability to take time off when you want can keep physician burnout in check.

You can work in any state
If the flexibility of working locums wasn’t enticing enough, how about traveling the U.S.
and getting paid to do it? Locums work all across the U.S. in both rural and urban environments.

Get back what you put in
Often times we hear from our locum doctors on how temporary assignments can be just as rewarding as a permanent one since there is more time with patients and less time dealing with the administrative side of medicine.

Raise the bar, work with ICON
To have the best possible locums experience work with a team who is passionate about meeting your needs. We’ll be with you every step of the way to find you a superior opportunity and flexible solutions that will allow you to create the best version of yourself and make sure your passions can be a reality.

Hear in their own words from some of our dedicated locum tenens doctors on working with ICON and their experiences with the locums lifestyle here.