5 Must-Attend Tech Conferences Coming Soon

Conferences are built for networking, but the technology industry is constantly changing and in order to keep up, conferences also allow you to gain invaluable insight on latest developments. Below are a handful of the top tech conferences you are going to want to attend or follow along with.

Silicon Valley Innovation Summit (July 29-30, Mountain View, Calif.): This is a great conference for gathering with your entrepreneurial peers and engaging in debate on top trends and opportunities in such thriving industries as digital media, cloud computing, and entertainment.

Disrupt SF 2014 (September 8-10, San Francisco, Calif.): TechCruch Disrupt conferences highlight startup success and thought leader’s wisdom in the ever-changing tech industry.  Every day starts with one-on-one chats and ends with Startup Battlefield competitions. Definitely one you are going to want to follow along with.

PuppetConf2014 (September 20-24, San Francisco, Calif.): Cap off your summer (or start the summer weather if you are from SF) with Puppet Labs annual conference packed full of keynotes, workshops and training sessions. Registering this month saves you 25 percent on admission.

Techweek New York (September 29-October 5, New York, New York): Techweek has conferences in major cities highlighting tech-related innovations that pertain to each location. New York’s (the next one up to bat) will highlight ecosystem innovation in the Big Apple, but don’t forget about Los Angeles’s in November too.

LISA 14 (November 9-14, Seattle, Washington): LISA Conference is where “Systems Engineering and Operations Professionals share real-world knowledge about designing, building and maintaining the critical systems of our interconnected world.” Featuring talks from the teams at Google, LearnPuppet.com, Mozilla, Etsy, Chef and more, this conference offers an immense amount of insight.